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Truro is a large, vibrant town known for its historic charm, cultural richness, and strategic location. Known as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”, the town's central location makes it a vital transportation and commercial centre, contributing to its dynamic atmosphere.

With a history dating back to the 18th century, Truro's beautiful downtown area is adorned with well-preserved Victorian architecture, and thriving with unique shops and dining. Inglis Street is an especially popular destination featuring a variety of specialty boutiques, while shops like the Nova Scotia Emporium and the nearby Stanfield’s Factory Outlet are local shopping landmarks.

Truro is home to Victoria Park, a sprawling green space that offers residents a retreat into nature. The park features walking trails, a lush arboretum, and scenic viewpoints, providing a serene escape within the town. The town's cultural scene is also vibrant, with the Marigold Cultural Centre hosting various events, performances, and exhibitions that showcase the local arts community.

Truro's blend of history, green spaces, and cultural offerings makes it a wonderful home for anyone seeking a well-rounded and lively community in Nova Scotia.

Education in Truro

  • Truro Elementary, grades primary to 4 (offers Early French Immersion Program)
  • Truro Middle School, grades 5-8
  • Cobequid Educational Centre, grades 9-12
  • Ecole Acadienne de Truro, a French public school, grades primary to 12
  • Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
  • Nova Scotia Community College Truro Campus

Amenities in Truro

  • Rath Eastlink Community Centre
  • Marigold Cultural Centre
  • Victoria Park
  • Colchester Historeum
  • Truro Farmers Market, operates every Saturday

Health care facilities in or near Truro

Colchester East Hants Health Centre

A modern facility with a 24-hour emergency room, a blood collection clinic with online appointment booking, private and semi-private patient rooms, and a wide range of medical services and surgical procedures.

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