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Moving to Nova Scotia

All too often life demands that we compromise. You can have a rewarding career that promises enriching professional growth…or, you can enjoy a high level of personal well-being and quality of life. What if you want both? Well, if you want both, you move to Nova Scotia.

Here, you get world-class professional opportunities balanced with a truly rejuvenating lifestyle. There are 41 hospitals across the province, so whether you imagine living in a vibrant urban centre or charming coastal town, the perfect career and lifestyle are waiting. No compromise.

The best of both worlds.

In one place In Nova Scotia you get a career you can grow in. Nova Scotia entices healthcare professionals from around the globe to become an integral part of a community-driven healthcare system that prioritizes both patients and practitioners. Here, professionals are not just part of a system, they're catalysts for change. With ongoing training, professional development opportunities, and a collaborative spirit, Nova Scotia empowers healthcare practitioners to be at the forefront of innovative healthcare practices.

In Nova Scotia, you also get a lifestyle you’ll savour. With its picturesque landscapes, coastal wonders, and charming communities, Nova Scotia provides an idyllic backdrop for a fulfilling life. And each of Nova Scotia’s four seasons comes with its own bucket list of activities. Since no part of the province is more than 67km from saltwater, kayaking, sailing, and beach swimming are always nearby in the warmer months. And in the winter months, hiking, skiing, and skating are a part of life in every community. No matter the season, you’ll have the time to indulge.

A luxury you can afford

Nova Scotia’s friendly and fulfilling maritime lifestyle actually costs a lot less than you’d expect. Whether you buy a home in a vibrant city or town, or on the tranquil coastline, the good life in Nova Scotia is within reach. As of 2024, the average home price in Halifax is $565,414 ($423,385 for the entire province), granting the city one of the lowest costs of living in Canada. So you can have it all—for less.

A great place for kids to grow up

You’ll quickly discover that Nova Scotia suits everyone of every age. So whether you’re moving here with children in tow or not, you’ll find what you need to get the most out of life. And that includes high quality schools in communities all across the province. In Nova Scotia, the public school system is fully government-funded and includes elementary school (primary to grade 6), junior high (grades 7-9), and high school (grades 10-12). There are also many private school options in Halifax, Windsor, and Truro, and even Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial school options—a French-language school board that serves the entire province with 22 schools.