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Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner

Nurse Practitioners (NP) are registered nurses with additional education and training, allowing them to provide patient care autonomously and independently. The advanced training of a NP allows them to perform additional duties such as diagnosing, ordering and reading diagnostic tests, providing treatment, performing procedures, prescribing medication, providing patient education, and more.

Steps to becoming a Nurse Practitioner in Nova Scotia.

Step 1
Complete a four-year Undergraduate Degree

You will need to complete a Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BScN) which typically takes 3-4 years. The following Nova Scotia universities offer this program.

Dalhousie University here
St. Francis Xavier University here
Cape Breton University here

Step 2
Complete a Masters of Nursing

To become a NP in Nova Scotia, you will need to complete a Master of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program which typically takes 2-3 years. Dalhousie University is the only school in Nova Scotia offering this program.

While attending school, you will choose to specialize in one of the following streams

  • Family All Ages
  • Adult 
  • Neonate

Visit Dalhousie University for more information here

Step 3
Complete the Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN) application for licensure

Given the stream you studied in school, you must complete the Family of All Ages, Adult, or Neonate NSCN NP exam. 

Visit the NSCN for more information:

Step 4
Find your dream job!

If you would like to talk to someone in the field or have any questions - We want to speak with you!

Current Opportunities

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