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Home to St. Francis Xavier University, and dubbed “the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia”, Antigonish is a vibrant town known for its rich Scottish culture, academic prominence, and strong community spirit. Its energetic and youthful atmosphere brings cultural events, diverse dining options, and a dynamic arts scene to the town. A very welcoming community, Antigonish offers a blend of historic charm, modern amenities, and the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

The town's downtown is characterized by colourful storefronts, local boutiques, and a range of restaurants catering to any taste. The Antigonish Farmers' Market is a popular gathering place, featuring local produce, crafts, and a lively atmosphere. 

The people of Antigonish take pride in their Celtic heritage, and this is celebrated annually during the Antigonish Highland Games, an event that showcases traditional Scottish music, dance, and sports.

Surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, Antigonish also offers outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for hiking, exploring nature trails, and enjoying the scenic views of St. George's Bay. 

Education in Antigonish

  • Antigonish Education Centre, pre-primary to 4
  • H.M. MacDonald Elementary School, grades primary to 6
  • East Antigonish Education Centre, grades primary to 12
  • St. Andrew Junior School, grades 5-8
  • l'École Acadienne de Pomquet, French language school, grades primary to 12
  • Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School, grades 9-12
  • St. Martha's Regional Hospital School of Nursing
  • St. Francis Xavier University (StFX)

Amenities in Antigonish

  • Antigonish Town and County Library
  • Antigonish Arena, a community centre for ice sports
  • Columbus Field, with multiple sports fields
  • Keppoch Mountain, a destination with trails and recreational opportunities
  • Chisholm Park
  • Antigonish Farmer Market
  • Festival Antigonish Summr Theatre
  • Antigonish Heritage Museum

Health care facilities in or near Antigonish

St. Martha's Regional Hospital

A major healthcare facility serving Antigonish and the surrounding areas, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital is the only Catholic hospital in the province.

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