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Healthcare education in Nova Scotia

If you’re in high school and considering a career in healthcare, you should know that Nova Scotia offers high quality programs for every healthcare career imaginable. So if you already live in Nova Scotia, great news, there’s no need to seek your education anywhere but home. And if you’re planning to move to Nova Scotia, lucky you—this is a beautiful place to live, and a wonderful place to study. 

Nova Scotia is Canada's University Capital, with the highest concentration of universities by population - 10 in total. Whether studying in the urban centre or in more rural surroundings, students in Nova Scotia benefit from being part of a close, safe community with an exceptional quality of life. International students find many opportunities to meet friends, become involved with a variety of organizations, and participate in many events held both on and off campus.

Following are the healthcare programs available at Nova Scotia’s universities and colleges.


Dalhousie University: (Faculty of Medicine)

Nurse Practitioner 

Dalhousie University: (Master of Nursing (MN) - Dalhousie University)

Registered Nurse

Dalhousie University: (Undergraduate Program -Dalhousie University)

Cape Breton University: (Bachelor of Science, Nursing)

  • Direct Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
  • Advance Standing Bachelor of Science in Nursing 
  • Licensed Practical Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pathway 
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4-Year Program

St. Francis Xavier University: (Nursing | St. Francis Xavier University)

  • Direct Entry Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4-year program
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
  • Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse Pathway Program
  • Generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing 4-year Program
Licensed Practical Nurse
Continuing Care Assistant
Pharmacy Technician