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Nova Scotia Healthcare Sector Incentives

We believe that moving your career to Nova Scotia should be as easy and enjoyable as living your life in Nova Scotia. So, if the thought of packing everything up, finding a new home —and career—is daunting, allow us to take some of the anxiety out of the idea.

Various organizations in the province offer a variety of different supports designed to relieve some of the planning pressure and cost that comes with moving. Depending on the type of healthcare position you’re looking for, incentives could help you find a place to work, find a place to live, and help minimize your expenses. Financial incentives could help cover some of your relocation costs, travel costs, and education costs; and a variety of benefits, salary increases, and bonuses can help make the idea of working in Nova Scotia even more appealing than it already is.

You’ve been waiting long enough to find the kind of work/life balance that you know you’ve been dreaming of. With incentives like these, you can stop waiting. And make the move. The perfect career and lifestyle is waiting for you in Nova Scotia. And the perfect incentives will help you get here sooner than you imagined.

Approximately 2 Incentives