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The Village of Kingston, situated in the Annapolis Valley, offers residents a picturesque setting surrounded by rolling hills and fertile farmland, and a surprising amount of retail. Residents have access to local amenities including a middle school, quaint shops, family-owned businesses, and recreational spaces. The town's rich history is evident in its well-preserved architecture, with historic sites like the Old Kings County Courthouse adding to the town's character. Local events and festivals provide opportunities for residents to come together—including the annual Steer BBQ, involving a parade and a small fair, where an entire steer is roasted. This has been a tradition in the community for over 50 years. Life in Kingston is a delightful balance of rural tranquility and a vibrant community spirit, making it an appealing place for those seeking a cozy and connected lifestyle.

Education in Kingston

  • Kingston District School, grades primary to 5

Amenities in Kingston

  • Credit Union Centre, a recreation centre
  • Public parks and green spaces
  • Clairmont Provincial Park
  • Kingston Public Library

Current Opportunities

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