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Vascular Sonographer or Technologist


Vascular Technologists or Vascular Sonographers specialize in using ultrasound equipment to assess blood flow in patients’ arteries and veins. This imaging supports the diagnosis of vascular disease in the case of blood clots, arterial blockages, or venous insufficiencie

Steps to becoming a licensed Vascular Sonographer or Technologist in Nova Scotia.

Step 1
Complete a Vascular Technology program

You can study to become a registered vascular sonographer at various programs across Canada and locally at Dalhousie University. Dalhousie University offers a 4-year Bachelor of Health Sciences in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technology degree.

Step 2
Pass the Vascular Technology Exams

To become a certified Vascular Sonographer, there are two exams to complete. The first is the general Sonographic Exam and the second is specific to Vascular Sonography. For more information, visit Sonography Canada.

Step 3
Pass the Canadian Clinical Skills Assessment (CCSA)

Taking the CCSA allows you to demonstrate the competencies developed through your schooling. Successful completion is mandatory to earn a Sonography Canada designation.

Step 4
Earn your designation

After completing school and establishing experience, you may wish to earn a designation as a Canadian Registered Vascular Sonographer (CRVS). For more information, visit Sonography Canada.