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Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT)


Nuclear Medicine Technologists prepare and administer radioactive drugs to patients for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. They operate specialized imaging equipment, such as gamma cameras, to capture images of organs and tissues that have absorbed radioactive substance

Steps to becoming a licensed Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT) in Nova Scotia.

Step 1
Complete a Nuclear Medicine Technology program

You can study to become an NMT at various programs across Canada, and locally at Dalhousie University. The school offers a 4-year Bachelor of Health Sciences, in Nuclear Medicine Technology degree.

To begin work, you will need a current Basic Life Support Certification (BLS-C) and Standard First Aid certificate. 

Step 2
Pass the Nuclear Medicine Technology Exam

After completing your schooling as well as the practical training requirements, you must pass the national registration exam. Visit the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine Technologists (CAMRT) for more information.

Step 3
Register as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in Nova Scotia

Before you start working, ensure you register as an NMT with the Nova Scotia College of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals (NSCMIRTP).